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"retailers have no choice but to go online"
National Retail Federation Convention Jan. 2001

TulareCountyShopper wants to make it easier for you.

TulareCountyShopper.com is totally free with no strings attached but if you do not have the time or desire to create your ad, and don't have a web guy or gal to do yours, but you want one, I will do it for you for a heavily discounted price.

It will not be fancy but it will be designed to sell. with your request and click here to Sign Up!

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Do you have a Tulare County business license?

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How much do you expect to pay for a full page color ad? A lot right? Well, not anymore! You can get one here for FREE.

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What is TulareCountyShopper?

Imagine you could take out a full page, full color, Yellow Page ad for free.

Further, imagine that you enjoyed full control over your ad twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. That you could change tweak, rearrange, even rewrite your ad at any time day or night from the privacy of your own computer.

Free Categories
How many categories do you get with a Yellow Page ad? Not many, but at TulareCountyShopper.com you get one hundred, yes 100 characters for your business's keywords which are are instantly searchable from the main page plus an additional 100 characters for your business description. And this is only your front door!

Search Engine Friendly
Search engines love a collection of related sites like this. Your ad page will be spidered by many search engines increasing the chances of your business being found from searches done "in the wild" on major search engines. (Search engines currently spidering TulareCountyShopper include AltaVista, AskJeeves, ask.com, metacrawler.com, webferret, other engines plus, the all important, google.com.)

Save Money!
Use your free space to save on advertising costs! Include your URL (address to your page) in your advertising and relax with plenty of room to breathe while you sell your service or product more fully. AND, if you include your page in your advertising...

(Special Offer!) you get FREE a special, CUSTOMIZED URL that is easy for your customers to type and remember (i.e. TulareCountyShopper.com/your company name). ( to arrange.)

A number ways to start beginner to advanced...

Even if you have no web design experience whatsoever you can...
  • Use the provided web page templates and simply adapt them
  • Use either of two web page editors. One for beginners and one for intermediate.
  • There is a text editor provided for updating and editing (or designing from scratch for you experienced).
  • You can design your own page or have someone else design your page for you and simply upload it.


  • You must have a bona-fide business with a physical location in Tulare County with a Tulare County business license.
  • You agree you will not send SPAM (unsolicited email) connected to your page or connected in any way with this web-site.
  • You agree you will operate within the bounds of community standards i.e. no profanity, "adult" type businesses, businesses selling drug paraphanelia, or otherwise dealing in products or sevices on the fringes of morality, decency, or good taste.
  • No MLM or "get-rich-quick" type ads permitted.
  • You realize that the rules apply even when out-linking offsite or in any way connected to or affecting this web-site.

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P.S. What do you have to lose except free exposure, a chance to learn something about working in this new medium, perhaps some marketing hints and tips you hadn't thought of...
And all for free!

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